Allows you to inspect sent emails and assert on their content.
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Stores emails so that they can be referenced by test suite.

#Get the Book To learn more about testing with Meteor, consider purchasing our book The Meteor Testing Manual.


meteor add xolvio:email-stub


Run a through your app manually, or using integration / end-to-end tests and emails that are sent from your app will be captured wherever Email.send is used, such as accounts for verifying emails.

Set up'emailStub/stub');

// or running with Chimp'emailStub/stub');

Retrieve emails'emailStub/getEmails', function(e, emails) {

// or running with Chimp
let emails ='emailStub/getEmails');

Assuming two emails were sent, the code above would show:

   _id: "ACZqWmLejePo9zQQD",
   from: " <>",
   to: ""
   subject: "Please verify your email address",
   text: "Hello Someone,↵↵To verify your account email, simply click the link below.↵↵http://localhost:3000/#/verify-email/m_3n4CbgeESDGaugJ656RoqJRj5PlCjk0Cm43PU3aEN↵↵Thanks.↵"
   _id: "2aY6FkWRcbcr8RxL7",
   from: " <>",
   to: ""
   subject: "Another email",
   text: "with different content"

In your code, you can then do assertions like:

  emails[0]'Please verify your email address');

Another use for testing is to extract the verification link like this:

  // grab the verification link
  var verificationLink = emails[0].text.match(/(http|https|www)\S+/)[0];

  // then use something like xolvio:webdriver to visit the URL like a user would

This package is a debugOnly package and will only be used when developing locally.

Testing lifecycle

Set up'emailStub/stub');

Reset collection'emailStub/reset');

Restore and remove stub'emailStub/restore');