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Inspectlet in an easy to use package
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Meteor Inspectlet

Wrapper around Inspectlet, a service that enables you to record the actions user take on your site and play them back later.


Inspectlet lets you playback everything visitors do on your site so you can learn about how your app is being used.

Find out more / Sign up for a free account

Click Heatmaps

Mouse movement Heatmaps

Scroll Heatmaps

Find out more / Sign up for a free account


meteor add xolvio:inspectlet

and set your site id in the Meteor settings like this:

  "public": {
    "inspectlet": {
      "id": "1234567890"


This package wires up Inspectlet into the Meteor lifecycle as follows:

  • Inspectlet is loaded from CDN on startup
  • If IronRouter is detected, virtualPageViews are tagged
  • Logged in users are identified and their name + emails are sent
  • The platform is sent to distinguish between a web or cordova Meteor build

The package also exposes an Inspectlet object on the client. This is the same as the __insp object in the docs. You can use this to push and to do so in a chained fashion, for example you can write:

  .push(['myVar', '1234'])
  .push(['anotherVar', '456']);

See the full Inspectlet documentation.

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