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"""Jedi-based completer for Python-mode."""
import builtins
import importlib
from xonsh.lazyasd import lazyobject, lazybool
__all__ = ()
def HAS_JEDI():
"""``True`` if `jedi` is available, else ``False``."""
spec = importlib.util.find_spec('jedi')
return (spec is not None)
def jedi():
import jedi as m
m = None
return m
def complete_jedi(prefix, line, start, end, ctx):
"""Jedi-based completer for Python-mode."""
if not HAS_JEDI:
return set()
src = + line
script = jedi.api.Interpreter(src, [ctx], column=end)
if builtins.__xonsh__.env.get('CASE_SENSITIVE_COMPLETIONS'):
rtn = {x.name_with_symbols for x in script.completions()
if x.name_with_symbols.startswith(prefix)}
rtn = {x.name_with_symbols for x in script.completions()}
return rtn
# register the completer
builtins.__xonsh__.ctx['complete_jedi'] = complete_jedi
completer add jedi complete_jedi end
completer remove python_mode
del builtins.__xonsh__.ctx['complete_jedi']
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