A portable cross-platform pinvoke .NET wrapper around libsass to convert SCSS to CSS
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SharpScss Build status NuGet

SharpScss is a P/Invoke .NET wrapper around libsass to convert SCSS to CSS supporting NET2.0/NET3.5/NET4.x+ and CoreCLR platform

Based on the version of libsass 3.5.4


  • Pure P/Invoke .NET wrapper, no C++/CLI involved
  • Supports converting from a string or from a file
  • Supports include paths
  • Supports for source maps
  • Supports for libsass user custom importer callback in ScssOptions.TryImport
  • Supports for .NET2.0, .NET3.5, .NET4.x+ and CoreCLR (netstandard1.3 and netstandard2.0 from dotnet)
  • Supports Windows x86, Windows x64, linux-x64 and osx-x64


SharpScss is available on NuGet


SharpScss API is simply composed of a main Scss class:

  • Scss.ConvertToCss: to convert a SCSS string to a CSS
var result = Scss.ConvertToCss("div {color: #FFF;}")
  • Scss.ConvertFileToCss: to convert a SCSS file to a CSS
var result = Scss.ConvertFileToCss("test.scss")

Using the ScssOptions you can specify additional parameters:

var result = Scss.ConvertToCss(@"div {color: #FFF;}", new ScssOptions()
	InputFile = "Test.scss",
	OutputFile = "Test.css", // Note: It will not generate the file, 
                             // only used for exception reporting
                             // includes and source maps
	GenerateSourceMap = true

You can use also custom dynamic import through the delegate ScssOptions.TryImport:

var result = Scss.ConvertToCss(@"@import ""foo"";", new ScssOptions()
	InputFile = "test.scss",
	TryImport = (string file, string path, out string scss, out string map) =>
		scss = ...; // TODO: handle the loading of scss for the specified file
		map = null;
		return true;


SharpScss depends on the native runtime libsass. This runtime is compiled for the following platform/runtime:

  • win-x86
  • win-x64
  • linux-x64
  • osx-x64

On .NET Core (netcoreapp), the runtime is selected based on the Runtime Identifier - RID of your project.

  • You can add to your csproj the specific targeting runtimes your netcoreapp with <RuntimeIdentifiers>win-x86;linux-x64</RuntimeIdentifiers> or <RuntimeIdentifier> if you have only one runtime to target (See Additions to the csproj format for .NET Core)

On .NET20, .NET35, .NET45, it is using a project variable SharpScssRuntime

By default, SharpScssRuntime selects win-x86 if Prefer 32 Bit is selected in your project (variable Prefer32Bit in your csproj), otherwise it will use the win-x64

In case you are running SharpScss on Mono on a non Windows platform, you will have to set SharpScssRuntime to the proper supported SharpScss RID listed above.


Currently, the compiled version of libsass shipped with SharpScss is a custom build from the fork xoofx/libsass/3.5-stable

This fork is mainly allowing to compile libsass without the MSVC C/C++ Runtime on Windows.


This software is released under the BSD-Clause 2 license.


Alexandre Mutel aka xoofx