A toolbox for manipulating and analysing air traffic data
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A toolbox for manipulating and analysing air traffic data

Documentation Status

The traffic library helps working with common sources of air traffic data.

Its main purpose is to offer basic cumbersome data analysis methods commonly applied to trajectories and ATC sectors. When a specific function is not provided, the access to the underlying structure is direct, through an attribute pointing to a pandas dataframe.

The library also offers facilities to parse and/or access traffic data from open sources of ADS-B traffic like the OpenSky Network or Eurocontrol DDR files. It is designed to be easily extendable to other sources of data.

Eventually, static and dynamic output are available for Matplotlib, Google Earth (kmz) and CesiumJS (czml).


Latest release:

pip install traffic

Development version:

pip install git+https://github.com/xoolive/traffic

Command line tool

The traffic tool scripts around the library for common usecases.

You may download data from OpenSky Impala shell (check the help with option -h):

traffic opensky 2018-01-01T06:00 -s 2018-01-01T08:00 -b Andorra -o andorra.pkl

You may quickly inspect the contents of the file:

$ traffic show andorra.pkl
Traffic with 7 identifiers
icao24 callsign
3443d1 VLG242N     123
392ae7 AFR75SD     123
3444d2 VLG85VY     122
344691 VLG8988     117
4ca574 IBK5358     109
4ca7f2 IBK5FM      101
3443d2 VLG7964      85

More details in the documentation.


Documentation available here