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Django Viewsets

DRY app provides configurable groups of class-based views.

Useful replacement of django.contrib.admin. It can also be used for fast build a CRUD interface.

Quick start

  1. Install

    pip install git+

  2. Create viewset

    from viewsets.generic import ModelViewSet
    from viewsets.mixins import PermissionsMixin
    class PostViewSet(PermissionsMixin, ModelViewSet):
        model = models.Post
  3. Add viewset to

    urlpatterns = [
        url(r'^posts/', PostViewSet().urls),

Generic viewsets

  • ModelViewSet

    /posts/             post:list                
    /posts/<pk>/        post:detail              
    /posts/<pk>/delete/ post:delete              
    /posts/<pk>/edit/   post:edit     
    /posts/add/         post:add     
  • ReadOnlyModelViewSet

    /posts/             post:list
    /posts/<pk>/        post:detail

Generic mixins

  • CBV

    • ListMixin
    • DetailMixin
    • CreateMixin
    • UpdateMixin
    • DeleteMixin
  • Permissions

    • GuardMixin
    • PermissionsMixin
  • Namespaces

    • NamespaceMixin
    • ModelNamespaceMixin
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