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YANG-IDE could be installed from repository:


    1. Java 1.7 or greater.
    1. Eclipse 4.4 or greater (Eclipse 4.4 are recommended).
    1. EMF 2.10 or greater.
    1. EMF Compare
    1. GEF and Graphiti frameworks.
    1. M2E 1.6 or greater.

Step 1

Use Eclipse Install dialog (Help->Install new software)

Step 2 - Selecting Yang components.

Now we can specify install location for Yang-IDE: and select all items from list.

Please be sure option "Contact all update sites during install to find required software" are checked.

Now clicking Next, Next Yang-IDE will be installed.

Known issues

Font and Diagram rendering issues.

  • Under OS X with dialog font "Helvetica Neure" 11 points we see following situation on diagrams:

This issue is relevant for Eclipse 3.7,3.8 - they use this font by default. Other Eclipse versions use different font size.

If you see same situation please increase font size to 12 or other in Eclipse->Preferences->General->Appearance->Colors and Fonts->Dialog font.

  • Home
  • First Steps
    • Installation Guide
    • [Import Project](Import Project)
    • [Create Project](Create Project)
    • [Yang Editor](Yang Editor)
  • New and Noteworthy
    • [1.0.0 release notes](M1 release notes)
    • [1.1.0 release notes](1.1.0 release notes)
    • [1.1.1 release notes](1.1.1 release notes)
  • [Features] (Features)
  • [M2E Integration] (M2E Integration)
  • [Yang Project Support] (Yang Project Support)
  • [Code Editing] (Code Editing)
  • [Code Navigation] (Code Navigation)
  • [Code Refactoring] (Code Refactoring)
  • [Diagram Model Editor] (Diagram Editor)
  • Developer Documentation
  • [Setup and build](Setup and build)
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