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Phaethon 0.0.5 "Dawn Star"

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@DrMcCoy DrMcCoy released this 03 Jul 14:16
· 239 commits to master since this release

This is the official version 0.0.5 of Phaethon, together with xoreos and xoreos-tools, nicknamed "Dawn Star".

Phaethon is a graphical resource explorer for the BioWare Aurora engine games.

Phaethon has been rebuild from the ground up, converting it from a wxWidgets application to a Qt5 application. We celebrate this with the first "official" release of Phaethon, complete with pre-built binary packages, just like xoreos-tools and xoreos proper.

Phaethon is a graphical resource explorer for the BioWare games. It can load the directory structure of the game, look into archives and show various resource types, like images and texts, play sounds and music, etc.

Complex formats like GFF are not yet show, and no 3D models either. That is, however, a planned feature for the future.

Also in the future, Phaethon might include live editors, able to change many of the resource types, allowing for easy, instant modding.

Downloads in this release:

  • Source tarball
  • GNU/Linux (gcc 6.3.0, glibc 2.24) binaries, i386 (Intel 32-bit)
  • GNU/Linux (gcc 6.3.0, glibc 2.24) binaries, x86_64 (Intel 64-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows binaries, i386 (Intel 32-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows binaries, x86_64 (Intel 64-bit)
  • Mac OS X (>= 10.9), x86_64 (Intel 64-bit)

The source tarball includes a PKGBUILD in dists/arch/, a debian build directory in dists/debian/ and a Fedora spec file in dists/fedora/, which can be used to build Arch Linux, Debian/Ubuntu and Fedora packages, respectively.

Alternatively, Phaethon can be found in the Arch Linux AUR here, and we have a Gentoo overlay here.

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