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xoreos-tools 0.0.4 "Chodo"

@DrMcCoy DrMcCoy released this
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This is the official version 0.0.4 of xoreos-tools, together with xoreos, nicknamed "Chodo".

A collection of tools to help with the reverse-engineering of BioWare's Aurora engine games. xoreos-tools is part of the xoreos project; please see the xoreos website and its GitHub repositories for details.

This release of the xoreos-tools package features two new tools: fixpremiumgff and ncsdis.

The first tool, fixpremiumgff, can restore the deliberately broken GFF files found in the BioWare premium modules for Neverwinter Nights. The resulting GFF files can then be edited as normal.

The second tool, ncsdis, is a disassembler for the stack-based bytecode of BioWare's NWScript scripting language. It supports the scripts of all games targeted by xoreos and can disassemble them into a full assembly listing. It can also produce a control flow graph in the DOT description language, which can then be plotted into an image by using the dot tools from the
GraphViz suite.

Moreover, this release includes a lot of user-invisible code documentation and quality fixes.

The tools included here are licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 or (at your option) any later version.

Please note that these tools are all command line tools, without any GUI whatsoever.

The xoreos tools are:

  • Tools for handling resource archives
    • unkeybif
    • unerf
    • unrim
    • unherf
    • unnds
    • desmall
  • Tools converting basic resource formats into human-readable form and back
    • gff2xml
    • tlk2xml
    • xml2tlk
    • convert2da
    • fixpremiumgff
  • Tools converting graphics formats into TGA
    • xoreostex2tga
    • unnsbtx
    • nbfs2tga
    • ncgr2tga
    • cbgt2tga
    • cdpth2tga
  • Tools handling scripts
    • ncsdis

Downloads in this release:

  • Source tarball
  • GNU/Linux (gcc 4.7.2, glibc 2.13) binaries, i386 (Intel 32-bit)
  • GNU/Linux (gcc 4.7.2, glibc 2.13) binaries, x86_64 (Intel 64-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows binaries, i386 (Intel 32-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows binaries, x86_64 (Intel 64-bit)
  • Mac OS X (>= 10.5), fat binaries with both i386 (Intel 32-bit) and x86_64 (Intel 64-bit)

Packages for various GNU/Linux distributions can be found here in the OpenSuSE Build Service and here in Arch Linux's AUR.

Alternatively, the source tarball includes a PKGBUILD in dists/arch/ and a debian build directory in dists/debian/, which can be used to build Arch Linux and Debian/Ubuntu packages, respectively.

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