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An iOS application which simplifies the learning process of complex algorithms through GIF images and visualisations.
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A simple, user friendly application created with respect to students who want to learn and master algorithms. Made in Swift.

This is the iOS version of the app, originally inspired from Algo-Explorer by Amanjeet Singh


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List of Algorithms Available Currently:

  1. Sorting - Bubble Sort, Merge Sort, Quick Sort, Heap Sort, Insertion Sort, Selection Sort
  2. Searching - Linear and Binary Search
  3. Dynamic Programming - 0-1 Knapsack, Matrix Chain Multiplication, Longest Common Subsequence, Binomial Coefficient
  4. Graphs - Floyd-Warshall Algorithm, Dijsktra's Algorithm


  1. Handle small bugs appropriately .
  2. Due to the lack of a proper REST-based Service, all data is currently local.

I downloaded the project, what now?

  1. Go to the file directory and do a pod install. You must have Cocoapods installed on your system. For more information on Cocoapods, visit here.
  2. Open AlgoExplorer.xcworkspace
  3. Build and Run the project !


  1. Swift 3.0
  2. Xcode 8.0+
  3. Cocoapods 1.2.0 (Beta), should work with the stable release as well, although not tested.
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