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#TTY-Clock MakeFile
#Under BSD License
#See clock.c for the license detail.
SRC = ttyclock.c
CC = cc
BIN = tty-clock
INSTALLPATH = /usr/local/bin/
CFLAGS = -Wall -g
LDFLAGS = -lncurses
tty-clock : ${SRC}
@echo "build ${SRC}"
@echo "CC ${CFLAGS} ${LDFLAGS} ${SRC}"
@${CC} ${CFLAGS} ${LDFLAGS} ${SRC} -o ${BIN}
install : ${BIN}
@echo "installing binary file to ${INSTALLPATH}${BIN}"
@chmod 755 ${INSTALLPATH}${BIN}
@echo "installed"
uninstall :
@echo "uninstalling binary file (${INSTALLPATH}${BIN})"
@echo "${BIN} uninstalled"
clean :
@echo "cleaning ${BIN}"
@rm ${BIN}
@echo "${BIN} cleaned"
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