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FCatalog docker image

This is a Docker based setup for running an FCatalog Server.

Basically it builds a Docker images with Docker and FCatalog server over Ubuntu wily. It works out of the box. You don't really need to know anything. It is persistant (Using a data container with volumes), and has ready to use commands for backup and restore.

You will need to have docker installed though.

Having a working server in minutes

Basic Configuration:

Create your own configuration file from the example template:

cp example_server.conf server.conf

Edit server.conf. It contains the listening port for the server.

server.conf is listed in .gitignore, to make sure that you don't accidently add them to your repository.

Building the images:

This is a step you have to do only once:


This will build the Docker images fcatalog_server and fcatalog_data. (Note that you don't have to redo this step even if you change server.conf. This step is independent of server.conf)

Starting the server:

First we create a data container. (You will only do it once. You never need to do it again, unless you want to initialize all the data of your FCatalog server):


Next, we start the server:


You can use your browser now to see the result. Go to the address that you have specified as MAILMAN_DOMAIN inside server.conf.

To stop the server, you can use the command:


If you feel like debugging something, open an interactive server sessions with:



You can backup or restore backups. Backup is done using the command:


This command will create a tar file (His name will be the current date and time) at the ./backups folder. Note that ./backup_data will not work if the server is working. You have to stop the server first using the stop_server command.

Restoring is done using the command:

./restore_data <tar_file>

You have to supply some backup tar file for this command to work. This command, just like backup_data, will not work if the server is working. Make sure to stop the server first. (If you forget, the restore_data command will remind you to do so, No worries :) )

How does it work?

We are working with two Docker images: fcatalog_server and fcatalog_data. Both of them are built using the build_images sh script.

The fcatalog_data image is based on busybox, and is used as a container of volumes. It contains nothing besides the data required to keep state for the Mailman server. There is one directory that we need to keep in order to keep state of the fcatalog server. It is in /var/lib/fcatalog. This directory contains all the databases in use by the server.

The fcatalog_data_cont container is created based on the fcatalog_data image. This container holds the data of the FCatalog server.

The second container we create is fcatalog_server_cont. It is created from the fcatalog_server image. FCatalog server is deployed inside this container.

The fcatalog_server_cont uses the volumes from the fcatalog_data_cont. This is how we keep the state of the FCatalog server.


A basic docker container for the fcatalog_server




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