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Send to CyberChef context menu extension for Burp Suite
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Burp - Send To CyberChef

Send to CyberChef context menu extension for Burp Suite

This extension simply adds a context menu item to Burp Suite that sends the selected text (from a message request or response) to CyberChef ( with the Magic operation in your system default web browser.

So for example if you had selected "NRZSAL3WMFZC63DJMIXXI33NMNQXINRPO5SWEYLQOBZS6USPJ5KA" in a response, and hit Send to CyberChef it would send you here:,false,false,'')&input=TlJaU0FMM1dNRlpDNjNESk1JWFhJMzNOTU5RWElOUlBPNVNXRVlMUU9CWlM2VVNQSjVLQT09PT0


First thing you'll need to do is export the Burp Extender API Interface files somewhere and then copy them all into the src/burp/ directory. This is done from within Burp Suite itself on the Extender/APIs tab.

After that all you need is Apache Ant installed (it is likely called just 'ant' in your package manager) and running 'ant' will build the jar.

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