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Collection of CSharp Assemblies focused on Post-Exploitation Capabilities
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CyDuck add Mimikatz PE Loader library Dec 29, 2017
DllLoader add Mimikatz PE Loader library Dec 29, 2017
NetDump Adding .config Oct 12, 2017
NoAPISCLoader Comment Addition Jun 14, 2017
ReflectiveInjector Added Shellcode Injection Sep 1, 2017
ReflectiveLoader add Mimikatz PE Loader library Dec 29, 2017
SigPirate Adding .config Oct 12, 2017
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.gitignore Adding .config Oct 12, 2017
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Collection of CSharp Assemblies for Offensive Purposes

CyDuck - Cylance Memory Exploitation Defense and Script Control Bypass POC. (Working as of 08/25/17)

NoAPISCLoader - .NET shellcode loader that leverages JIT and existing memory permissions to load and execute shellcode without any WinApi calls.

ReflectiveInjector - Class library to inject reflective Dlls that export the ReflectiveLoader function from Stephen Fewers Reflective Dll project.

SigPirate - Copy authenticode or Catalog signatures to unsigned binaries...

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