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Mobile client application for Codeforces competitive programming platform.
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Codeforces Watcher

Codeforces is one of the most popular platforms for competitive programming. Each month there are conducted dozens of contests with thousands of participants, including us.

We decided to give back to this amazing community by creating Codeforces Watcher - nice and user-friendly Android application, which leverages Codeforces API to bring more competitive programming to Android devices. Codeforces Watcher allows:

  1. Watch for activity of any Codeforces user.
  2. Sort users by rating and last participation date.
  3. Shortlist upcoming Codeforces contests.
  4. Recent Actions and Problems are coming soon...

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Development and maintenance

Project has been developed and maintained by We are the team of seasoned software engineers with an extensive experience in mobile development.

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