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This daemon will monitor a coordinator XBee connected to a serial port of the computer for incoming messages. From version 0.3 it also support setting digital pins LOW or HIGH on remote radios. The radio must be configured in API mode.

You can read about this utility in my blog: XBee to MQTT gateway.


All requirements will be installed in the virtual environment by running

./do setup

from the project root. If you don't want to use the virtualenv, you will have to install the requierements manually:

  • Modified version of the python-xbee library. You can get the forked code here:
hg clone python-xbee
cd python-xbee
python install
  • python-yaml
apt-get install python-yaml
  • python-mosquitto
apt-get install python-mosquitto
  • python-serial
apt-get install python-serial


Just clone or extract the code in some folder. I'm not providing an file yet. But you can install a local virtual environment using

./do setup


Rename or copy the xbee2mqtt.yaml.sample to xbee2mqtt.yaml and edit it. The configuration is pretty straight forward:


duplicate_check_window lets you define a time window in seconds where messages for the same topic and with the same value will be ignored as duplicates. default_topic_pattern lets you define a default topic for every message. It accepts two placeholders: {address} for the radio address and {port}. The port can be the radio pin (dio12, adc1, adc7,...) or a string for messages sent through the UART of the sending radio. routes dictionary defines the topics map. Set publish_undefined_topic False to filter out topics not defined in the routes dictionary. If it's True and the route is not defined it will be mapped to a topic defined by the default_topic_pattern. For every defined route a subscription to the same route plus "/set" will be done. If the route maps to a digital port in the remote radio you can change its status to OUTPUT LOW ot OUTPUT HIGH by publishing a 0 or a 1 to this topic.


Configuration of the port where the XBee is attached to. All messages are defined by the originating radio address (an 8 byte value) and a port or pin. The default_port_name parameter lets you define what port name to use when the message was originally sent through the UART interface of the originating radio To send a custom message just send "port:value\n" through the UART interface of the radio, if no port is specified the default_port_name value will be used.


These are standard Mosquitto parameters. The status topic is the topic to post messages when the daemon starts or stops.


The processor is responsible for pre-processing the values before publishing them. There are several filters defined in libs/

Running it

The util stays resident as a daemon. You can start it, stop it or restart it (to reload the configuration) by using:

python start|stop|restart

or easier (it will login the virtual enviroment and execute the previous command):

./do start