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Active Record Lite

Active Record Lite is a clone of Active Record's basic functionality, specifically its object-relational mapping features. Built in Ruby, it makes use of Ruby metaprogramming.

  • The superclass SQLObject provides Ruby methods for interacting with a SQL database. Each subclass represents a SQL table; each subclass instance represents a row in the table. The table name is achieved by pluralizing the class name using the active_support/inflector library.

  • Each subclass provides instance methods for each of the columns in the represented table for accessing the values of a given row. The #save method updates or inserts a row as appropriate.

Modules are mixed in to extend the SQLObject superclass. The Searchable module provides a #where method that mimics WHERE statements in SQL. Furthermore, the Associatable module provides the functionality of belongs_to, has_many, and has_one_through relations.