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JSON Patch

Build Status on TravisCI XP Framework Module BSD Licence Requires PHP 7.0+ Latest Stable Version

Implements JSON patch documents described in RFC #6902 and JSON Pointer from RFC #6901. Tested against the spec available at See also

Example: JSON Patch

The entry point class is text.json.patch.Changes:

use text\json\patch\{Changes, TestOperation, AddOperation};

// You can create changes via maps...
$changes= new Changes(
  ['op' => 'test', 'path' => '/best', 'value' => 'Choco Liebniz'],
  ['op' => 'add', 'path' => '/biscuits/1', 'value' => ['name' => 'Ginger Nut']]

// ...or by using Operation instances
$changes= new Changes(
  new TestOperation('/best', 'Choco Liebniz'),
  new AddOperation('/biscuits/1', ['name' => 'Ginger Nut'])

// If you have a JSON patch document, use the spread operator
$patch= [
  ['op' => 'test', 'path' => '/best', 'value' => 'Choco Liebniz'],
  ['op' => 'add', 'path' => '/biscuits/1', 'value' => ['name' => 'Ginger Nut']]
$changes= new Changes(...$patch);

Available operations are:

  • AddOperation(string $path, var $value) - The "add" operation performs one of the following functions, depending upon what the target location references.
  • RemoveOperation(string $path) - The "remove" operation removes the value at the target location.
  • ReplaceOperation(string $path, var $value) - The "replace" operation replaces the value at the target location with a new value.
  • MoveOperation(string $from, string $to) - The "move" operation removes the value at a specified location and adds it to the target location.
  • CopyOperation(string $from, string $to) - The "copy" operation copies the value at a specified location to the target location.
  • TestOperation(string $path, var $value) - The "test" operation tests that a value at the target location is equal to a specified value.

To apply the changes, call the apply() method and work with the result:

$document= [
  'best' => 'Choco Liebniz',
  'biscuits' => [
    ['name' => 'Digestive'],
    ['name' => 'Choco Liebniz']

$changed= $changes->apply($document);

// $changed->successful() := true
// $changed->value() := [
//  'best' => 'Choco Liebniz',
//  'biscuits' => [
//    ['name' => 'Digestive'],
//    ['name' => 'Ginger Nut'],
//    ['name' => 'Choco Liebniz']
//  ]

Example: JSON Pointer

You can also use the "raw" functionality underneath the Changes instance.

use text\json\patch\Pointer;

$document= [
  'biscuits' => [
    ['name' => 'Digestive'],
    ['name' => 'Choco Liebniz']

$pointer= new Pointer('/biscuits/1');

// $pointer->exists() := true
// $pointer->value() := ['name' => 'Ginger Nut'];

// This will return an text.json.patch.Applied instance. Use its isError() 
// method to discover whether an error occurred.
$result= $pointer->modify('Ginger Nut');

// You can chain calls using the then() method. Closures passed to it will
// only be invoked if applying the operation succeeds, otherwise an Error
// will be returned.
$result= $pointer->remove()->then(function() use($pointer) {
  return $pointer->add('Choco Liebniz');
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