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XP Framework Core

Build Status on TravisCI Build status on AppVeyor BSD Licence Requires PHP 7.0+ Supports HHVM 3.20+ Latest Stable Version

This is the XP Framework's development checkout.


If you just want to use the XP Framework, grab a release using composer require xp-framework/core. If you wish to use this development checkout, clone this repository instead.


The entry point for software written in the XP Framework is not the PHP interpreter's CLI / web server API but either a command line runner or a specialized web entry point. These runners can be installed by using the following one-liner:

$ cd ~/bin
$ curl -sSL | sh

Using it

To use the the XP Framework development checkout, put the following in your ~/bin/xp.ini file:


Finally, start xp -v to see it working:

$ xp -v
XP 9.5.2-dev { PHP 7.2.6 & ZE 3.2.0 } @ Windows NT SLATE 10.0 build 16299 (Windows 10) AMD64
Copyright (c) 2001-2018 the XP group

Basic usage

The XP Framework runs scripts or classes.

Hello World

Save the following sourcecode to a file called ageindays.script.php:

<?php namespace ageindays;

use util\{Date, DateUtil};
use util\cmd\Console;

$span= DateUtil::timespanBetween(new Date($argv[1]), Date::now());
Console::writeLine('Hey, you are ', $span->getDays(), ' days old');

Now run it:

$ xp ageindays.script.php 1977-12-14
Hey, you are 13724 days old

Alternatively, you can put this code inside a class and give it a static main method. This way, you can use features like inheritance, trait inclusion etcetera. This time, save the code to a file called AgeInDays.class.php.


use util\{Date, DateUtil};
use util\cmd\Console;

class AgeInDays {

  public static function main(array $args): int {
    $span= DateUtil::timespanBetween(new Date($args[0]), Date::now());
    Console::writeLine('Hey, you are ', $span->getDays(), ' days old');
    return 0;

Note the arguments have shifted by one: If you want the class' name, simply use self::class!

$ xp AgeInDays 1977-12-14
Hey, you are 13724 days old


To contribute, use the GitHub way - fork, hack, and submit a pull request! :octocat: