Samples of different Spring Integration modules (jms, batch, integration)
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Samples of different Spring Integration modules (jms, batch, integration). These modules are split into the following sections:

  • HTTP - Processing of messages over HTTP.

  • WEB SERVICES - Examples using Spring Integration Web Services support.

  • MONGO DB - Integration with a MongoDB database.

  • RMI - Processing of messages over RMI.

  • SPRING JMS - Although not a direct part of the Spring Integration project, it is included in the certification guide. For this reason, it is appropriate to include this module in this repository.

  • FILE - Support for file processing.

  • GENERIC - Generic examples which are not specific to any of the previous sections.

Inside each section there is another readme file with a list of all related project examples. Some of them have a link to a blog entry explaining in detail how its components work.