Allows easy management of multiple local vhosts projects for development purposes.
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Host multiple projects in your localhost and access them with urls like http://project-name.devel/...


Use one of the following methods:

  • git: run git clone
  • github: download and extract this file

Except in the first case, you need to execute composer install


  1. Move the content of this project to /var/www

  2. Run composer install. You must have composer installed.

  3. Copy config/devel.vhost to your apache sites directory, often /etc/apache2/sites-available/

  4. Copy config/devel.tld to your dnsmasq config directory, usually /etc/dnsmasq.d/

  5. Restart apache and dnsmasq services

  6. Optionally, you can add /var/www/bin to your $PATH so you don't need to write the full path every time.

     $> export PATH=$PATH:/var/www/bin

    Add the line below to your ~/.profile if you want the change to be permanent.


For the commands above I'm going to asume you've added /var/www/bin to your $PATH.

To get help from the command line, run:

$> project-manager

Start managing a project running this command:

$> project-manager add

Then follow the instructions of the console. I suggest to run the command from the public directory of your project.

You can enable a managed project later with:

$> project-manager enable project-name

Now you're ready to browse to http://project-name.devel Don't forget to restart your webserver after enabling virtual hosts.

You can disable an active project with the next call:

$> project-manager disable project-name

Or remove it from project management with:

$> project-manager remove project-name

Also, you can list all projects managed calling this command:

$> project-manager project:list
$> project-manager project:list --type=enabled  # Only enabled projects
$> project-manager project:list --type=disabled # Only disabled projects

Easy, isn't it? ;)