Convert sparse EXT4 image to sparse Android data image
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Convert filesystem ext4 image (.img) into Android sparse data image (.dat)


This binary requires Python 2.7 or newer installed on your system.

It currently supports Windows x86/x64, Linux x86/x64 & arm/arm64 architectures.

Usage <system_img> [-o outdir] [-v version] [-p prefix]
  • <system_img> = input system image
  • [-o outdir] = output directory (current directory by default)
  • [-v version] = transfer list version number (1 - 5.0, 2 - 5.1, 3 - 6.0, 4 - 7.0, will be asked by default, more info on xda thread)
  • [-p prefix] = name of image (


This is a simple example on a Linux system:

~$ ./ system.img -o tmp -v 4

It will create files, system.patch.dat, system.transfer.list in directory tmp.


For more information about this binary, visit