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Development ideas and improvements
Technical, practical and creative improvements to be performed on this website


  1. add new content
  2. a tag for every course
    1. Create a link in every page of a course which links back to the page of the course
  3. Create the “incomplete” tag, which notes, at the beginning of a page, if the content in that page is incomplete
  4. Abbreviate internal-link and external-link classes to int and ext
  5. Organize knowledge || choose a structure
    • create a collection for every subject?
  6. {% raw %}{% if page.content contains '+++' %}{% endraw %} print a banner in <side> pointing out these notes are incomplete
  7. How to manage copyrighted data (pdf of books, lessons presentations, notes of other students, etc.)
  8. Choose a domain and a hosting service up to now, domain hosted on Freenom
    • custom email?
  9. Create a contribution guide
  10. Share
    • PISEr pills Instagram page
    • other years' students


  • Implement the plugin which uses Pandoc to generate also a PDF for every page
  • an RSS Feed for every subject