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2021-10-14 17:20:13 +0200
2021-12-01 08:42:27 +0100
draft geek/apps
A powerful knowledge management software, in early development
Below there are my notes, thoughts and doubts concerning the project, but I have many more which I already posted on Anytype community.
  • how does Anytype connect to the outer world?
  • basic data structure is in JSON?
  • is the public front-end going to be customizable with a personal CSS and own TLD, etc.?
  • ActivityPub/Fediverse implementation + Webmentions: how to link stuff which comes also from outside Anytype
  • media files focus
  • Personal data management implementation (check every CSV and its Shortcut)
  • Co-existing media: not only avoid duplications in the system, but also make Anytype format compatible with other programs not only by exporting, but while files are in the app.
  • understanding what/how much is stored locally and what/when it is kept in the backup server, according to which principle. Criteria for storing huge files?
  • Plugins?