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geek todo
Computer related tasks tracking
  1. Shortcuts on Mac
  2. [[Images]] and [[Storage]]
    1. Memorable pictures archive on Piwigo
  3. Defining a threat model
  4. Integrate audios, albums and images in log/daily Zettelkasten system (unique images and audios links to be opened)
  5. Finish Matrix server setup
  6. Finish AdGuard Home setup
  7. Update and reformat subscriptions.csv
  8. Movies data
  9. TMI Pics custom CSS
  10. Final color schemes
    1. iTerm
    2. Neovim
    3. Macvim
  11. [[Scripts]]
  12. [[Missing Knowledge#Geek stuff|Learning geek stuff]]
  13. Bot Club Tenco su Mastodon
  14. Update [[Storage|Backup]] and [[Backup checklist]] and add the roadmap to import pictures from iOS to MacOS and Linux
  15. Sistemare [[To listen]] e trovare soluzione definitiva per [[Quit Spotify]]
  16. cross-environment tag integration
    • audios: notes containing shared links of files in Cubbit?
    • images: consider collecting shared links of albums in a private Giri, or integrate some sort of authentication wall (as with Flickr currently) in the public one. Does it make sense? Not too much of a waste of time?
  17. Setup Hype Machine
  18. Manage cross-system links (apps on Android not working on iOS and vice-versa)
  19. Create a CSS framework, inspired from simple.css, a class-less minimal CSS framework
  20. MacBook Pro color profile

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  • Campo migranti S. Antonio
  • 2016 > phone
  • 2017 > phone
  • 2017.12.22 Briciole di Rock, Imperia Musicale
  • giff 2017
  • acle 2017
  • 2020 factory video
  • 2019 > phone
  • ALL media
  • barcellona school trip phone

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