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Insights and steps towards a greater digital awareness and freedom


This awesome and revolutionary tool which goes by the Internet is so powerful that in certain ways it is becoming a threat to the freedom of its users, who, in exchange for services, indifferently hand over their data, therefore giving up personal independence and liberty.

Essentially, I interpret internet freedom as the joint concern for two overlapping macro-themes:

  • privacy and security of digital tools
  • decentralization and de-monopolization regarding both hardware and software development
I wish I had both the time and the knowledge to write some in-depth articles about the topics mentioned above, but I am still studying and trying to better tackle the problems of the internet and their roots, in order to form a well-grounded opinion. For this reason, content of this page is pretty random and schematic.


Digital awareness is time consuming.
The only excuse I accept from people refusing to inform themselves about how we are being sucked into a worryingly inescapable and uncontrollable ecosystem is that they don’t have time.

I get it. I “wasted” hours, days, reading articles and watching videos concerning the internet, its functioning and its governance. I wish this matter could be simpler and more clear, but understanding internet monopoly both requires a fair amount of technical knowledge and it is a subtle matter.

Choose the alternative

Just complaining, waiting for things to get better, believing that a conscious use is enough to keep clear from big tech negative impact is simply bullshit.

To change something and to make things better we need to [[Quit and switch|switch]] to healthier, more ethical, often even cooler alternatives.

![[Quit and switch]]


![[Road to Internet Freedom]]


Random links about privacy online