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date: 2020-06-25
updated: 2021-09-09T21:30:20.987503+02:00
description: 'Real and fictional characters who left a mark in me'
redirect_from: ['/characters', '/personages', '/figures', '/persone', '/personaggi', '/figure', '/idols', '/idoli']
main: true
h-entry.note {
width: unset;
margin-left: unset;
min-width: 70%;
{% for idol in %}
<div class='row'>
<h2 id="{{ idol.who | slugify }}" class="title">{{ idol.who }}</h2>
<div class='column'>
<a href="{{ idol.url }}" target="_blank"><figure><img src="{{ idol.img }}" title="{{ idol.who }}" alt="An image portraying {{ idol.who }}" /></figure></a>
<div class='column'>
<p lang='{{ idol.lang }}'>{{ idol.note }}</p>
{% endfor %}