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2021-11-16 11:57:56 +0100
geek zen
Just quit, Choose the alternative, Go alternative, Make the switch
Quitting systems, software, bad habits is always hard and often painful. Nevertheless, if it is for the best, it is worth it. Below some of the things I am quitting.
Most of the times, the best thing to do is to [[Delete an account|just delete it]]
  • Quit Social Media
  • [[Quit Google]]
  • [[Quit Spotify]]: it is hard to live without it.
  • Quit Flickr and [[Piwigo|Switch to Piwigo]] 2020.12.23 - 2021.01.18
  • 😵‍💫 [[Quit listing]]
  • 🚧 [[Quit Mailchimp]] (even if I almost never used it)
  • / [[Switch to LineageOS]]
  • [[Quit Netflix]]
  • 🚧/ [[Switch to Darktable]]
  • +🚧 [[Quit IMDb]]
  • 🚧 [[Switch to Linux]]
  • 🚧 [[Signal|Switch to Signal]]
  • 🚧 2021.11.16 - WIP Quit GitHub and [[GiTMI|self-host a Gitea instance]], GiTMI


Services to clean up data and guiding you through deletion

  • JustDeleteMe, direct, up-to-date links to delete your accounts
  • DeleteMe: pay a company to keep your data off data brokers websites
  • Vanish: guide to delete main online services’ accounts
  • DeseatMe: find accounts linked to your Google or Outlook email, and choose which ones to delete and which ones to keep