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Self improvement
Zen, Lifestyle
Practices for improving the self, its connection to the surrounding environment and living life in the best possible way

I am a clumsy, messy, confused guy.
Most of the times, I need to work hard to achieve a result that a more determined and focused person can accomplish faster and better. For this reason, I often end up stuck in [[Metathinking]], and get into a loop of frustration that is simply useless. Nevertheless, overthinking my ways of doing things and dealing with life is not all bad.

I take note of the conclusions I draw from the above-mentioned tinkering.
The ones below are the most relevant practices I try to adopt, in order to be more self-aware, and to improve myself both physically and spiritually.

  • When I have a thorny matter I cannot stop thinking about, I practive [[Self debugging]], which consists in sitting down, breathing, switching off anything which is switchable, and debug myself, as you would do with a computer program.
  • [[Self tracking]] means keeping track of anything which has to or should not occur repetitively
  • [[Loops]]: acquire habits and take advantage of them to waste less time
  • I set some [[Boundaries]], attempting to limit some unhealthy or unethical practices.
  • Pursue the art of [[Monotasking]]: doing one thing at a time, only one. One.
  • Every day, at the end of the day, check what has been accomplished and what went wrong through an [[Esame di coscienza]]
  • [[Mindfulness]] is becoming very popular and more and more people start doing it. I struggle a lot in doing it properly, but I know it is useful and I have not given up on it. The art of training the mind to focus and commit to the present by gifting it with few minutes a day of complete nothingness.
  • [[Being a self editor]]: understanding what is important for the self in the whole life picture, as an editor does with its movie.