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The Jar, Jar, Marmelade
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Online, you may stumble upon it as a Digital Garden, or it may be defined as a [[Zettelkasten]] system. Mine, instead, is definitely less ambitious; yet, it is whipped, fragmented, juicy and sweet. It is a Jam.

I happen to make curious discoveries, as well as I end up having interesting thoughts which I need to save before they end up forgotten or while I find the right words to reformulate them and place them in the Zibaldone.

I take all of these things and I make The Jam out of them.

From this page, it is possible to start navigating in The Jam. There are two different ways to do this:

  • by topic — choosing a tag from the ones below
  • by clicking on one of the macro-notes (or MOCs) and diving deeper and deeper in growingly branched notes.

Every single element in The Jam is connected to at least another one: at the end of every note, in the backlinks, are listed all of the pages which link to the current one.

{% include tags.html %}

{% include filter-lang.html %}
    {%- assign jam = site.notes | where: 'main', 'true' -%}{%- for note in jam -%}
  • {{ note.title }} - {% if note.description %}{{ note.description }}{%- else -%}{{ note.excerpt | strip_html | truncatewords: 30 }}{%- endif -%}
  • {%- endfor -%}
The key feature which makes The Jam so effective and powerful is the connection among different thoughts. For this reason, the same jar which where The Jam is stored contains also notes I chose to keep private. You may encounter links which look [[like this]], you cannot click on them, it is totally normal since they are only privately available to me.