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zen draft
I get distracted very easily, an my mind goes from a topic to a totally different one in no time. While this can be a great quality to be creative (not so much, in the end), it is a very stressful, time-consuming and unproductive lifestyle. This is why I conceived slots.
Check duplication with “Slots”

Slots are simply time slots: half or full hours which I totally dedicate to something. If a new, different thing pops up in my mind, I write it down to remember it, but I get to it only when it’s the time to commit to the related slot.

The Slot Philosophy is awesome because slots can be rearranged everyday, and their accomplishment can be tracked through [[Self tracking]] apps such as Loop Habit Tracker (which is the one I use).

My Slots

  • .5 internet awesomeness
  • 1 content creation
  • .5 tunz time
  • .5 knowledge
    • reading news
    • reading books
    • listening to music while focusing on words
  • .5-.8 Physical
  • .5 wandering (free the mind)
  • Saluto al sole mattina
  • bere tanto
  • money logging
  • Yoga || / && Mindfulness
  • un tempo per le notizie
  • un tempo per la lettura
  • un tempo, limitato, per le cose al computer
  • momento artistico
  • momento knowledge
  • momento spiritual
  • momento stacco
  • momento sport
  • momento Oltre