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geek/idea help
Developing a timeline which integrates with everything I do and locations all over the world

Make a huge CSV (or YAML, so that there can be an array of links for every resource) database as the base for a timeline containing EVERYTHING

  • subsections of this everything are put in more specific pages of the websites to add accomplishments (e.g. [[Server]], [[Tutto]], [[Giri]])
  • use tags to split stuff into the above mentioned subsections
  • add locations, too! Check OSM API to integrate the system


  • Take and page.updated values of the websites’ pages to automatically know the moments when they were being created/edited



Add a timeline like Jeremy Gordon's or - CSS Timelines examples - more promising ones: - (uses JavaScript) - -, the prettier one (it has no dedicated space to dates) - - (animations with JavaScript) - - (simple minimal horizontal)


The underlying idea is to build a social networking platform based on significant dates for every user. A profile is made by the important milestones in both his/her life and in history in general.

Who I am is also, or mostly, defined by the events which marked my life even before my birth.

Timeline is the social network of timelines, on which anybody can share their personal timeline, choosing which events are private and which events are not.

Timeline is static, flexible, neat, minimal and simple: an ul of elements which are distanced proportionally with the time which separates them


Notes about my personal timeline (you will not see anything below because content is encrypted)

%%🔐 v6c+Q2NkPYdqLPfY9MSwObvxaXGtw9tb7DqJ+aQro17ldZukW+2bIdE44kRXgO/0e26tKJV6+PIeiScgtnd2gLveZFkbkbryJFJ/KJfFG3Xk3ECHwdwIss4P59+zujLpDZn/ 🔐%%