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The best text editor in the world

To learn

  • buffers management
  • macros recording

Cheat Sheet

Count occurrences


Toggling spell checking

:set spell "nospell

Sometimes, when I activate spell checking, I need to change the language, since my init.vim file has set spelllang=it by default

:set spell spelllang=en

Navigate changes (by using g; and g,)


Time travel

:earlier 3 'undo the last three changes
:earlier 5m 'Go back to the state of the file 5 minutes ago
:later 1h 'Travel forward through the change history 1 hour

Cheat Sheets



.vimrc is the file containing the Vim configuration. For the ones using Neovim, it is ~/.config/nvim/init.vim.

My Neovim configuration file

Color schemes