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A social network based on personal and historical events
Timeline development, Timeline, Aby

Who I am is also, or mostly, defined by the events which marked my life even before my birth:
Zig is a social network where people share dates which are significant to them. It is named in honor of Zigmunt Bauman, great historian and sociologist.

A profile is made by the important milestones in both his/her life and in history in general. To put it briefly and simply, Zig is a social medium

Zig should:

  • share dates of both historical and personal events
  • integrate with ActivityPub and therefore join the Fediverse
  • collect other
  • integrate with [[Nolan]], and be its “public front-end”


Notes about my personal timeline

  • Adding the beginning of the universe and the beginning of humanity, as in my room



Add a timeline like Jeremy Gordon's or - CSS Timelines examples - more promising ones: - (uses JavaScript) - -, the prettier one (it has no dedicated space to dates) - - (animations with JavaScript) - - (simple minimal horizontal)

Alternative name ideas

  • Aby, in honor of [[Aby Warburg]] (see Mnemosyne)