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Supermarket Checkout

Two things:

  • We are going to improve the organization on code on the client side. For this, we will use client-side MVC as a structuring mechanism.
  • We need to improve how we write HTML. We need a templating mechanism. We will use the mustache library for this.

An example of the use of Mustache is in the file src/main/webapp/demo-mustache.html

An example of client-side mvc is in the file src/main/webapp/demo-counter.html.

Exercise 0: make it work

Make sure that the application works, as usual.

Exercise 1: two views

We want two different views on the same model. The first view shows

Price: 123
Total: 456

The second view shows a list of everything that was scanned:

  • A: 111
  • B: 222

Both views are updated automatically at every successful "scan".

Note that we need to store the history of the "bill" somewhere. We need to construct a model object. Let's call it Checkout. The Checkout object implements the Observer pattern. The Checkout receives the on_scan call, then it calls the server to obtain the price. When the server responds, the Checkout model updates its state and notifies its observers (the views).