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Atom package that adds busted targets for atom-build.
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Adds busted targets for atom-build.

How It Works

This package add busted targets for atom-build if .busted (see busted: Predefined Busted Tasks) exists in project root directory.

Here is minimal .busted file if you just want to run busted:

return {}

Limitation: Currently this package can only parse .busted which return a table constructor expression. That is the follow .busted will parsed:

return {

and this will not parsed (you only got default busted target):

local t =  {
  mytask = {...}
return t


  1. Install busted and add a .busted file for your project.
  2. Install atom-build and this atom-build-busted package apm install build build-busted.
  3. Preferences... -> Packages -> build-busted -> Settings -> Set executable Path to your busted executable.


Ideas, bugs and pull requests please go to GitHub xpol/atom-build-busted.

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