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Info update

The ipa has been removed. Please use the official Project (Sticktron/g0blin). The Full Jailbreak by Sticktron is around the corner. Please be patient.

(WIP) jailbreak for iOS 10.3.x on A7-A9 devices

updated v0rtex exploit + yalu102 kpp bypass

Entitlement temp fix

  • download & install Filza from Cydia
  • download http://www.mediafire.com/file/bv129w6k80cds60/ent.xml on your mobile device and open it with Filza
  • ent.xml should now be in /var/mobile/Documents
  • now ssh into your device
  • to fix Filza type in "cd /Applications/Filza.app/ && ldid -S/var/mobile/Documents/ent.xml Filza" Without ""
  • respring and Filza should have root permissions

To fix it for other Applications type in "cd /Applications/YOURAPPNAME.app/ && ldid -S/var/mobile/Documents/ent.xml YOURAPPNAME" Without "" replace YOURAPPNAME with the app you want to fix

what works

  • tfp0
  • kernel r/w access
  • remount / as r/w
  • amfi patched
  • starts an ssh server listening on port 2222
  • command line tools to install packages (dpkg, apt-get if you install it)
  • Substrate
  • Cydia can now install tweaks

what doesn't work

  • GUI apps that need root priveledges are experiencing a sandbox error
  • Filza can be fixed by applying the same extra entitlement given to Cydia

thanks to everyone helping out, finding offsets, testing, etc!

creds: Lucky Tobasco, Sizuga, Xenu, Saurik