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Demo Code for the Xpring SDK
JavaScript Java Swift
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nkramer44 and keefertaylor Update ILP demos (#26)
* swift ilp demo

* got build working

* swift ILP demo

* updated java

* update swift

* update node

* update circle

* circle tabz

Signed-off-by: nkramer44 <>

* update js

Signed-off-by: nkramer44 <>

* update deploy target

* deploy target again

* isolate java demos in circle

Signed-off-by: nkramer44 <>

* rollback circle

Signed-off-by: nkramer44 <>

* update urls

Co-authored-by: Keefer Taylor <>
Latest commit ff1a4b4 Mar 25, 2020


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java Update ILP demos (#26) Mar 25, 2020
node Update ILP demos (#26) Mar 25, 2020
.gitmodules Fix bad merge (#15) Feb 27, 2020
CODEOWNERS Add amiecorso to CODEOWNERS Mar 25, 2020 Update ILP demos (#26) Mar 25, 2020
package-lock.json Node ILP SDK demo (#19) Mar 6, 2020


Demos for each library in Xpring SDK:

Build instructions included in each folder.

Each XRP demo:

  • Restores a TestNet wallet from a seed
  • Retrieves the balance of that wallet
  • Sends a payment transaction
  • Checks the status of that transaction

Each ILP Demo

  • Retrieves the balance of demo_user
  • Sends an XRP over ILP payment from demo_user to demo_receiver
  • Retrieves the balance of demo_user after the payment is sent
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