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Attempt to fix 702
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xml-project committed Jan 11, 2019
2 parents c48375a + 7a4ddfa commit 2848d624482319c1ad020981615854a68220776c
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@@ -4359,11 +4359,10 @@ does not have a base URI if it results from selecting an atomic value.</para>
<para>If a document constructed by selection consists exclusively of
text nodes, then it has a content type of
<literal>text/plain</literal>, otherwise it has a content type of
<literal>application/xml</literal>. <error code="D0016">It is a
<literal>application/xml</literal>. If the selection result is a map or
an array, it is a JSON document. <error code="D0016">It is a
<glossterm>dynamic error</glossterm> if the select expression on a p:input or
p:with-input returns anything other than document nodes, element nodes,
processing instruction nodes, comment nodes, text nodes, atomic values or an
empty sequence.</error></para>
p:with-input returns attribute nodes or function items.</error></para>
<varlistentry><term><tag class="attribute">href</tag></term>

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