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Merge pull request #922 from xml-project/new-error

Added an additional error condition
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xml-project committed Dec 2, 2019
2 parents d4ebd1f + bad9514 commit 3925f0ee4aeba70149879e9d194482e2fb1add6a
Showing with 3 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +3 −1 xproc/src/main/xml/specification.xml
@@ -1578,7 +1578,9 @@ be returned.</para>
have the form of an
<link xlink:href="">EQName</link>.
If it is a QName, it is expanded using the namespace declarations in
scope for the expression. The
scope for the expression. <error code="D0015">It is a
<glossterm>dynamic error</glossterm> if a QName is specified and it cannot be
resolved with the in-scope namespace declarations.</error> The
<function>p:step-available</function> function returns true if and
only if the processor knows how to evaluate steps of the specified

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