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Merge pull request #835 from ndw/iss-829

Attempt to resolve #829
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ndw committed Jul 11, 2019
2 parents 46a1c64 + 793c32b commit a3f7fce2225c7a6ee464b1adf1716e9a41c31e3e
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  1. +5 −1 xproc/src/main/xml/specification.xml
@@ -4146,7 +4146,11 @@ the output ports of either the initial subpipline or any <tag>p:catch</tag>.
<error code="S0072">It is a <glossterm>static error</glossterm>
if the name of any output port on the <tag>p:finally</tag> is the same
as the name of any other output port in the <tag>p:try</tag> or any
of its sibling <tag>p:catch</tag> elements.</error></para>
of its sibling <tag>p:catch</tag> elements.</error>
<error code="S0112">It is a <glossterm>static error</glossterm> if
<tag>p:finally</tag> declares a primary output port either explicitly
or implicitly.</error>

<section xml:id="err-vocab">

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