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Address two extant FIXME: comments in the spec
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ndw committed Jan 11, 2019
2 parents 84ce2b6 + 87cc527 commit c48375a4fa0d011a64beb6ed3ce5748eb23318c2
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  1. +2 −0 src/main/schema/core30.rnc
  2. +9 −0 tools/xsl/rngsyntax.xsl
  3. +88 −2 xproc/src/main/xml/specification.xml
@@ -224,6 +224,8 @@ ImportFunctions =
attribute namespace { xsd:anyURI+ }?,

@@ -245,6 +245,14 @@
<xsl:when test="rng:data">
<xsl:when test="rng:oneOrMore/rng:data">
<xsl:when test="rng:zeroOrMore/rng:data">
<xsl:when test="rng:ref">
<xsl:variable name="pattern" select="rng:ref/@name"/>
<xsl:variable name="rngpat" select="$schema/rng:grammar/rng:define[@name=$pattern]"/>
@@ -291,6 +299,7 @@
<xsl:text> (</xsl:text>
<xsl:value-of select="ancestor::rng:element/@name"/>
<xsl:sequence select="."/>
@@ -1091,7 +1091,10 @@ be raised statically.</para>
<section xml:id="dynamic-evaluation">
<title>Dynamic evaluation of the pipeline</title>

<para>FIXME: write an introduction.</para>
<para>Dynamic evaluation of the pipeline occurs when it begins to process documents.
The processor evaluates any expressions necessary to provide all of the input documents
and options required. The step processes the input documents and produces outputs which
flow through the pipeline.</para>

<section xml:id="environment">
@@ -1767,6 +1770,29 @@ return them unchanged, to silently omit them, or to raise an error. It

<section xml:id="f.function-library-importable">
<title>Function library importable</title>

<para>The <function>p:function-library-importable</function> function
reports whether or not function libraries of a particular type can be imported.


<para>The <varname>$library-type</varname> string is interpreted as a content type.
If the processor understands
(<foreignphrase>i.e.</foreignphrase> if <tag>p:import-functions</tag> understands)
how to load function libraries of that type, this function returns
<literal>true()</literal>, otherewise it returns <literal>false()</literal>.

<para>The <function>p:function-library-importable</function> function behaves
normally during static analysis.</para>

<section xml:id="other-xpath-extension-functions">
<title>Other XPath Extension Functions</title>
@@ -5649,9 +5675,69 @@ See also <xref linkend="handling-imports"

<section xml:id="p.import-functions"><title>p:import-functions</title>

<para>FIXME: T.B.D.</para>
<para>An <tag>p:import-functions</tag> element identifies a library of externally
defined functions to be imported into the pipeline. After the functions have been
imported, they are available in the processor XPath context.</para>

<e:rng-pattern name="ImportFunctions"/>

<varlistentry><term><tag class="attribute">href</tag></term>
<listitem><para>The <tag class="attribute">href</tag> attribute
identifies the URI of the function library. <error code="S0103">It is
a <glossterm>static error</glossterm> if the URI of a
<tag>p:import-functions</tag> element cannot be retrieved or if, once
retrieved, it points to a library that the processor cannot
<varlistentry><term><tag class="attribute">content-type</tag></term>
<para>The <tag class="attribute">content-type</tag> specifies what kind of library
is expected at the URI. <impl>If no type is specified, the way that the processor
determines the type of the library is <glossterm>implementation-defined</glossterm>.</impl>
<varlistentry><term><tag class="attribute">namespace</tag></term>
<para>If a <tag class="attribute">namespace</tag> is specified, it provides a list
of namespace URIs. Only functions
in those namespaces will be loaded.

<para>The ability to import functions is optional. <impl>Whether or not a processor
can import functions, and if it can, what kinds of function libraries it can import
from is <glossterm>implementation-defined</glossterm>.</impl> Pipeline authors can
use <function>p:function-library-importable</function> to test whether or not a particular
kind of library can be loaded.

<para>Importing functions from a library implies loading and processing that library
according to its conventions (loading imports, resolving dependencies, etc.).
<error code="S0104">It is a <glossterm>static error</glossterm> if the processor
cannot load the function library.</error> This may occur because the format is
unknown, because it is a version of the library that the processor does
not recognize, or if it’s uninterpretable for any other reason.
<error code="S0106">It is a
<glossterm>static error</glossterm> if the processor detects that a
particular library is unloadable.</error> This may occur
if the processor is, in principle, able to load libraries of the specified format,
but detects that the particuar library requested is somehow ill-formed
(syntactically invalid, has unsatisfiable dependencies or circular
imports, etc.).

<para>Imported functions must be unique (they must not have the same name, namespace, and
arity). <error code="S0105">It is a <glossterm>static error</glossterm> if a function
imported from a library has the same name and arity as a function already imported.</error>


<!-- ============================================================ -->

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