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Repository for change requests to the standard step library and for official extension steps

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XProc 3.0 Steps

This is the home of the XProc 3.0 step specifications developed by the XProc next community group. The core language specification is maintained in the language repository.

Drafts are published automatically at

(The core language specification and the step specifications are jointly published at the same website.)


The XProc community is using GitHub to manage the development of this specification. Please pull the repository, make improvements, and propose changes in the form of pull requests.

Continuous integration

The XProc specification is built automatically with Travis CI.

To build and publish the spec on your gh-pages, setup the gh-pages branch, configure Travis CI to run for your repo, and then create the following secure environment variables for your repo in the Travis CI Settings page for your fork:

  • GH_TOKEN="your git token"
  • GIT_EMAIL=""
  • GIT_NAME="Your Name"
  • GIT_PUB_REPO="you/3.0-specification"

The GIT_TOKEN must be a personal access token. The GIT_PUB_REPO must be the repository where you wish to publish the results. The publications scripts will push the published documents to the gh-pages branch.

Travis CI will then publish your changes everytime you do a commit to your master branch. Travis CI cannot publish gh-pages for pull requests.

The publication scripts for the language repository and the steps repository are designed so that they can both be published to the same gh-pages repository. It isn’t necessary to have a separate staging area for the step specifications.

How it works

See the language specification.

The build process is owned by norm; bug him if you have difficulties.


Repository for change requests to the standard step library and for official extension steps