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Merge pull request #60 from xml-project/fix-xslt

Fix signature of p:xslt
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xml-project committed Apr 14, 2019
2 parents 92939c7 + 9bda31d commit 016a37593000c60483c1d87099d6c09efcc186f9
Showing with 4 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +4 −4 steps/src/main/xml/steps/xslt.xml
@@ -7,11 +7,11 @@
<para>The <tag>p:xslt</tag> step applies an XSLT stylesheet to a document.</para>

<p:declare-step type="p:xslt">
<p:input port="source" content-types="application/xml text/xml */*+xml" sequence="true" primary="true"/>
<p:input port="source" content-types="*/*" sequence="true" primary="true"/>
<p:input port="stylesheet" content-types="application/xml text/xml */*+xml"/>
<p:output port="result" primary="true" sequence="true" content-types="*/*"/>
<p:output port="secondary" sequence="true"/>
<p:option name="parameters" as="map(xs:QName,item())?"/>
<p:output port="result" primary="true" sequence="false" content-types="*/*"/>
<p:output port="secondary" sequence="true" content-types="*/*"/>
<p:option name="parameters" as="map(xs:QName,item()*)?"/>
<p:option name="initial-mode" as="xs:QName?"/>
<p:option name="template-name" as="xs:QName?"/>
<p:option name="output-base-uri" as="xs:anyURI?"/>

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