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Merge pull request #238 from xml-project/fix-cast-content-type

Stating that XPath format is default for JSON->XML
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xml-project committed Oct 9, 2019
2 parents 5ec4140 + 2b215fc commit 2d4eb496aa4a11fc909d72848034c85275ad4056
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  1. +4 −6 steps/src/main/xml/steps/cast-content-type.xml
@@ -58,12 +58,10 @@ model document into XML is

<para>Casting from a JSON media type to an XML media type, converts the
JSON into XML. <impl>The precise nature of the conversion from JSON to XML
is <glossterm>implementation-defined</glossterm>.</impl>
If the input document is a text node or other string representation,
implementations <rfc2119>should</rfc2119> use <function>fn:json-to-xml</function>
by default.
JSON into XML. An implementation <rfc2119>must</rfc2119> support the format
specified in section “XML Representation of JSON” of <biblioref linkend="xpath31-functions"/>
as default for the resulting XML. <impl>It is <glossterm>implementation defined</glossterm> whether
other result formats are supported.</impl></para>


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