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Merge pull request #338 from xml-project/fix-entry-name

Fixed different spellings of a key in auth
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xml-project committed Jan 14, 2020
2 parents 75d88c3 + fab737b commit 3bfab716bc9fff5435a04a0dce574638ea38fda1
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  1. +1 −1 steps/src/main/xml/steps/http-request.xml
@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ For those methods the documents on the <port>source</port> are ignored when cons
the HTTP request. If no value or an empty map is provided, the value provided for
HTTP header “<literal>Authorization</literal>” (if present) is used as authentication. The following keys and
the expected type of their associated values are predefined: “<literal>username</literal>” (<code>xs:string</code>),
“<literal>password</literal>” (<code>xs:string</code>), “<literal>method</literal>” (<code>xs:string</code>),
“<literal>password</literal>” (<code>xs:string</code>), “<literal>auth-method</literal>” (<code>xs:string</code>),
"<literal>preemptive-auth</literal>” (<code>xs:boolean</code>), and “<literal>certificates</literal>”
(<code>map(xs:string, item()+)+</code>). <impl>Other key value pairs in map “<literal>auth</literal>” are
<glossterm>implementation defined</glossterm>.</impl> <error code="C0123">It is a <glossterm>dynamic

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