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An XProc 3.0 specification workshop will take place in Prague on Feb. 6 and 7, 2018.


University of Economics (the XML Prague venue)

Meeting will be in the room NB 468. This room is in the same building (so called "Nová budova"/"New Building") as main conference sessions. There are lifts and stairs in front of the cloak room. Use lift to go to the floor 4. Then use corridor on your right side, room is almost at the end of the corridor.

Projector, WiFi connectivity, coffee, tea and small refreshments will be provided. Also air, electricity and tap water will be there.

There are a lot of navigation tables and pointers at the campus so keep trying if you get lost.


Begin: Tue Feb 6, 11:00; Wed Feb 7, 10:00 End: Wed Feb 7, 17:00

The detailed agenda will be discussed on a separate page in this Wiki.


Confirmed so far:

  • Achim Berndzen
  • Geert Bormans
  • Romain Deltour
  • Bert Frees
  • Gerrit Imsieke
  • Martin Kraetke
  • Erik Siegel
  • Norman Walsh
  • Matthieu Ricaud
  • David Maus
  • Ari Nordström
  • Christophe Marchand
  • Jim Etevenard
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