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11 June Minutes

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XProc Workshop Minutes, 11 June 2019

Table of Contents

  1. Administrivia
  2. Technical agenda
  3. XProc step issues
  4. Any other business
    1. Next meeting:
    2. exproc projects
    3. Thanks to MarkLogic
  5. Adjourned


  • Present: Norm, Achim, Erik, Gerrit, Ari, David, Bethan, Geert
  • Scribe: Norm
  • Accept the agenda?
    • No comments
  • Accept the minutes of the previous meeting?
    • Accepted
  • Schedule:
    • Today: 9:30-16:30; break for lunch at 12:30 at the Phoenix pub.

Technical agenda

  • XProc step issues
  • Any other business

XProc step issues

  • Discussion of latest changes to validation specs.
    • The ‘parameters’ map contains nested maps
    • Norm: proposes adding a ‘report-type’ common option to select svrl/xvrl/etc.
    • Gerrit: there are two dimensions to report-type; XML or JSON vs svrl/xvrl.
      • We could have two report-format and report-language
  • Some discussion of whether or not we need JSON output;
    • There are use cases for JSON output and we’ll eventually have JSON validation step(s).
  • How do you get the xvrl output if assert-valid=true?
    • You can’t; you get the error that caused the failure but the report is lost
    • You could run validation again with assert-valid=false
    • Achim: I think the report should be included in the c:errors output.
    • General agreement that implementations should try to provide reports in c:errors.

Any other business

Next meeting:

  • 9/10 September, 2019 is a possible date for the next workshop (vetoed following workshop)
  • 28-30 Oct or 2/3 November (weekend) is another possible date range
  • Late November, over a weekend

exproc projects

  • Achim: I’d like to use the EXProc Namespace for proposed extension steps that we could both implement.
  • Norm: Fine by me.
  • Geert: It seems a little odd to have the exproc extensions namespace driven by implementors.

Some discussion of vendors vs users and who’s going to make contributions.

ACTION: Norm will move the current website into some sort of archive mode and reopen it for XProc 3.0 using the pull request mechanism we use for steps.

Thanks to MarkLogic

The workshop records thanks to MarkLogic for providing our venue!


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