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An implementation of the Toribash protocol, server-side
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This project is a custom implementation of the Toribash TCP protocol, server-side. It aims to fully simulate the original Toribash servers. Acquiring the necessary information about the protocol is done through black-box testing and digging through old Toribash forum posts, because the game itself is closed source.


Not a lot is currently implemented, but it's not totally useless:

  • /whisper
  • /emote
  • /shout
  • /centerprint
  • chat
  • game reset
  • password protection
  • spectating
  • authentication

Building and running

This is a maven project, so just build it as you would normally with the command-line:

mvn install

Once complete, you will find a generated 'jar-with-dependencies' in the target/ folder. Run it with:

java -jar <jar name>

When no configuration file is found in its directory, it defaults to the built-in one. A few options are configurable, such as the port used by the server or the room name / description.

Once server creation is done, you can join via the /connect command in the Toribash client. Note that for local servers, you need to use as the IP address. You can omit the port if you didn't change the one listed in the configuration file.

If all worked out well, the command should send you straight into the room and start authentication.


Found a bug? Make sure to check if it isn't already reported in the issues section. If it isn't, create a new topic and make sure to post steps to reproduce the faulty behaviour.

You can also help by deciphering protocol commands that weren't explored yet, or simply patching up a few methods here and there.

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