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Macros should record find operations #1

xps opened this Issue · 4 comments

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As suggested by someone on StackOverflow, find operations should be recorded as they allow reaching text that is hard/impossible to get to via cursor moves.

This should probably include Find / Incremental Find, and Find Next / Find Previous operations.


I would love to have this functionality


Would love to have this as well. Unfortunately I have been looking at how to implement this but I've hit brick wall after brick wall. I am not giving up yet but it doesn't look too good at this point.

The problem is that the find operations cannot be intercepted (at least not in a supported way). I have tried to replace the default search by a custom one but this raises more issues (synchronization of the search options with the default one, can't press F3 in a macro if the initial search was made before you started recording, etc.).

Another option (unsupported) might be subclassing the search window and intercept Windows messages (hard to do, hard to maintain, possibly unstable and susceptible to break for multiple reasons).

I am happy to take ideas on possible implementations.


What about overriding the F3 shortcut with a function that calls Find internally and also registers the action in the macro? I will try this in a fork sometime, but maybe someone will beat me to it with the suggestion?



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